About Us

Solent Air

Solent Air is a Company that provides cargo logistical solutions and acts as a complement of Solent Freight Services Ltd, the Premier industry leader for GSA Sales,100% Neutral wholesale Air Cargo Services, Express wholesale Logistics and Courier for North America  and South America

We had an important process of increase and growth for more than two decades. Our team is conformed with professionals with more of 12 years of experience. We are always looking forward of all requirements of our customers, allowing us to offer good and innovative solutions. Our service is 24/7, because we know, that in a business world each minute count.


We are an ideal and strategic allied focus in provide all cargo and logistical related services, thanks to the quality and the efficiency of our service, handled by professionals, qualified and motivated, who works always by hand with our customers, giving us the ability to understand deeply their requirements, and provide an effective, profitable and excellent solutions, whenever they need us.


Be the leaders in cargo logistic industry and with market presence around the world, offering integral, flexible and efficient solutions, in all our cargo services; by us acting in this way our customers can reduce their operative costs and maximize their benefits.